January 31, 2012

Presenting: Ad Hoc

It is with great excitement that we are finally able to present to the world Ad Hoc. Run by Altered Zones editors Ric Leichtung (International Tapes) and Emilie Friedlander (Visitation Rites), Ad Hoc will be more than just the next Altered Zones. Not only will there be mp3s, videos, interviews and other awesome feature content, but this time around there will be a quarterly zine as well! Regular contributors this time around will include 20 Jazz Funk Greats, Distonal (ex-The Decibel Tolls), Dummy Magazine, International Tapes, Mutant Sounds, No Fear Of Pop, Visitation Rites, Raven Sings The Blues, Rose Quartz, and of course us here at Decoder. On top of that will be feature writings from folks such as Michael McGregor (Chocolate Bobka, The Report), Alex Bleaker (Real Estate, The Freaks), Dale W. Eisinger (NYPress), Ian Nelson (Friendship Bracelet), Maria Minerva, Todd P and a lot more. Considering it's all about the music, the mixtape of exclusive tracks will likely come as no surprise to you, so instead we'll wow you with a cassette box set filled with 50+ exclusive contributions from the likes of Balam Acab, Ducktails, Forest Swords, Gary War, Grimes, How To Dress Well, JEFF the Brotherhood, Julian Lynch, Keep Shelly In Athens, Matthewdavid, Pictureplane, Run DMT, Sleep Over, Sun Araw, Tonstartssbandht, Woodsman and so many more. The only thing is, it's gonna take a lot of funding to make all of this a full reality. Printing a quarterly zine takes some funds; hosting mp3s takes some funds; pressing cassettes takes some funds. So as we are with Decoder, Ad Hoc is turning to Kickstarter and YOU to help make this a complete reality. We learned a lot from our time with Altered Zones, and now we want to bring you something even better for 2012. We can all do this together. Head over here to check out all the awesome prize incentives and donate now.

January 30, 2012


I wrote about Mark Aubert last year, shortly after we moved to the Bay Area and I discovered (a part of) the plethora of amazing musicians that reside here. Mark is nothing if not prolific, and he recently posted a new track that's totally mind-blowing, as usual. Making use of a slowed-down background sample that sounds a lot like it came from Johnny Preston's classic "Running Bear" (maybe it did), the new song (titled "Dntwnt2go") is moved along by another vocal sample repeating "I don't wanna go" while sick beats and other various samples are parlayed into a bumping soundscape that you won't want to leave.

MP3: Mark Aubert - Dntwnt2go
I also suggest checking out his latest full release, Lost / Found, which you can download for free (along with his many other albums) at his bandcamp.


The widely-endorsed Portland musician Boyscout Discovery is currently putting together his latest release, for now only titled LP (In Progress). His tracks are a sort of auditory pinball machine -- a mixture of beeps, clicks, and various sound and vocal samples all fluidly triggering one another. Check out "February", an impressively-constructed, movie clip-laden track with perfectly-timed synth glitches and a solid beat.

You can download all of his music for free at the bandcamp, and his latest is set to drop Feb. 23rd.

Premiere: Marshall Trotter - High Noon

Mirror Universe is set to drop their first tape release of the year this Spring, Small Troubles from one Marshall Trotter. If the name isn't ringing any bells fret not, he's previously gone by the moniker Aux Arc. Though he has decided to drop the moniker, the music still feels as bright and erratic as it ever did. Last October our pal Ric at International Tapes shared the demo version of "High Noon" on Altered Zones, and now we have the pleasure of debuting the final version. The track is hyper; bouncy enough to have you dancing at double speed. Even with a slightly wistful tinge to the vocals, they flow in a way that makes the soul sway.

MP3: Marshall Trotter - High Noon
Small Troubles drops on tape this Spring via Mirror Universe and the first edition is limited to 50 copies.

From Blue to Black

After a small preview last fall, GPSYMTH released his first full-length album, Ripostes, this past Friday, and it does not disappoint. It's packed full of dreamy synth-pop tunes that shimmer and sparkle like gems in moonlight; moments of pure warmth are soon followed by cool shadows passing over. I particularly enjoy the track "From Blue to Black", with an intro that sounds like a pleasant videogame starting, before it moves into deep mists of vocal layers and sparse drum machines. Perfect for headphones and contemplation, Ripostes is a well-rounded album whose tracks are stitched together from the same soft cloth.

MP3: GPSYMTH - From Blue to Black
You can download all of Ripostes for a whopping $2 at his bandcamp.

January 29, 2012

Nice Attempts

Angelo Harmsworth is a fairly prolific musician originally from Sedona - appropriately enough, with his new cassette, Playground Barriers, emerging from Christian Filardo's Arizona psych preserves to follow last year's untitled release on Bathetic - though most of his music lives in hiss, fitfully moving across cycles of drone into drier sections of blistering guitar and distant piano.

Download Playground Barriers from the Holy Page bandcamp or grab the limited edition cassette here.

January 28, 2012

Video: Ghostandthesong - A nos amis en paix

Fresh from the release of his new split tape with Chris Rehm, Unschärfe/Shimmer, on DZ Tapes, Berlin's Ghostandthesong has been peddling a new collaborative video for his song "A nos amis en paix", done with multimedia animation studio hypertrashwonderland - the brain child of director and digital filmmaker Marcus Grysczok. According to Matthias, aka, Ghostandthesong, in the video French "poet/dandy" and singer David Ordur G'allegorie reads a selection from a philosophy text, but the tone of the song is little changed by his recitation, or the dancer's drunken perambulations through a hall of locked and barred passages. Appropriately enough, the song feels its most complete in the collaboration.

Ghostandthesong split with Chris Rehm is available from DZ Tapes.

January 27, 2012


In 2010 I found out about producer Uncle Skeleton (until recently of Nashville's Kindercastle) with relation to his label, Yewknee Records, who had released his debut the previous year and more recently been written up on Nashville Scene for being an early proponent of free digital releases to accompany limited edition physical ones. As solid as the label's own format has proven, it pales beside Uncle Skeleton's latest cuts, taken from his upcoming third album All Too Human. The new single, bundled with a remix, outtake, and b-side, demonstrate a strong progression for Uncle Skeleton since his 2009 debut Pancho Chumley. Although his older music was always catchy and engrossing, these songs feel better developed, like harder decisions were made during recording. Even the remix from Burgers, aka Nashville music photographer Steve Cross, does the original justice, taking Uncle Skeleton's breezy disco funk for a more disciplined workout.

Look for Uncle Skeleton's All Too Human 2xLP on Nashville's Yewknee Records this spring.

The Spell

A couple of years ago Olympia's Naomi Punk released their self-titled first album and blew me away. It was nine tracks of delightfully fuzzy garage-pop and grunge that I couldn't get over. A little more than a year later they released the CLS EP, packaged in a DVD case that still leaves me wishing for video accompaniments to all three tracks. Now the trio has announced their second record, The Feeling, will drop April 24 via Couple Skate. The record is fourteen months in the making, and while the first single holds the same grungy atmospheres as earlier Naomi Punk tracks, it certainly sounds cleaner, showing off a bit more what the trio are capable of.

MP3: Naomi Punk - The Spell
The Feeling drops 4/24 via Couple Skate Records.

Sparkly (Matthewdavid's odyssey)

I'm never good at settling on just one show when someone asks "What's the best live show you saw last year?" I can, however, guarantee that Young Magic w/ Youth Lagoon would be considered more than once if asked now about the past year. I'm obsessed with tribal drone sounds & glitchy pop and I've not seen one band find a way to merge the two quite like Young Magic. Matthewdavid, a longtime master of the ethereal drones, recently got his hands on the You With Air 7"'s b-side, "Sparkly", and launched it into space with a microphone attached. As it exits Earth's atmosphere you immediately hear the track begin to warp and take new shape. You witness it pass through vast, unexplored cavernous lands on desolate rocks not fit to be called planets; the original Plutos. New lifeforms are encountered and met briefly with goodwill as the track continues its journey. It passes into new galaxies where everything is the same except painted in vivid new colors we can only imagine and then inverted. A final pop exists as the track reenters Earth's atmosphere to make it's cozy way home to your little hard drive.

MP3: Young Magic - Sparkly (Matthewdavid's odyssey)
Young Magic's debut LP, Melt, drops 2/12 via Carpark and can pre-ordered now via Insound.

'Till We Ghosts/The Dance

Petite Noir is assumedly one fellow from Cape Town, South Africa. He just sent over his new single from the upcoming So Many Animal Calls EP. I typically associate tropical posivibes with music from Cape Town, and while this track certainly resonates with a lot of the South African vibe, it's a lot more down-tempo and somber than one might expect. The track is actually two tracks merged together, and "The Dance" half that kicks in at 3.40 is a bit more what I expected, though the tribal drone aspects keep me curious to hear more.

MP3: Petite Noir - 'Till We Ghosts/The Dance
The So Many Animal Calls EP has no official release date yet, but we'll keep you posted. In the mean time you can pop on over to Soundcloud and delight in a few other tracks and remixes.


It's been over a year since we heard new music from Wild Nothing, but new track (and 7" on Captured Tracks) "Nowhere" seeks to prove it was worth the wait. No longer just the bedroom-recordings of Jack Tatum, the Nowhere 7" features Tatum hitting the studio and teaming up a bit with Twin Sister's Andrea Estella to add to the already beautiful moods of his music. The band is apparently hard at work on their next album, and we should expect before this year's end (and the world's end with it.)

MP3: Wild Nothing - Nowhere
The Nowhere 7" drops 2/21 but will be available to pre-order soon via Captured Tracks.

January 26, 2012

Party Down

I don't have too much background on Lay Bac; apparently we posted about them ages ago (back on Get Off the Coast), the band recently added a second member (Party Girl, also on their imprint Zoom Lens), and they've got "past releases" that I can't seem to find in their entirety. Keep poor old Decoder in your thoughts if you happen to know of some, and fill our comments section with Mediafire links! Shortcuts is their latest - a five track EP with mostly short and sweet, sun-swollen summer-seeming funk and glistening disco skronk. Good stuff in spite of the creepy picture of that girl sleeping on the cover.

Update: I've just been told that Lay Bac hails from Austin, TX and has a long history - previously going by De Rol Le and at various times as Tom Cruisin'. Lay Bac is only the most recent moniker.

Download the entire Shortcuts EP for free from Zoom Lens, along with a slew of other free releases.

Video Premiere: Fruit Flesh - Cocaine

[video by Xander Robin]
My love for Florida was pretty well documented on ye olde GOTC, but it's time this blog got some of my sunshine spray. My favorite part of the Florida DIY music community is how much they always seem to be working together. Last Spring I went to an awesome three-day festival called Total Bummer in Tallahassee. Put on entirely by Florida's own Oh Fortuna and some close friends, the festival is host to bands from all over the continent; last year's lineup included acts like Born Gold (then Gobble Gobble), Reptar, Hear Hums, Rich Aucoin, Sumsun, Levek and tons more. Also in attendance last year was Jacob Tobin, aka Fruit Flesh. Jacob lives in Tallahassee and recently started the Werepossum Collective with some other Tally pals. (Sidenote: Tally Pals would be a great FL-based kids show.) The site just launched today and their first piece of art churned out together is this stellar video for the track "Cocaine". The video was shot by Xander Robin and features Tobin and fellow-Werepossum Ben Varian going around in animal masks doing extreme amounts of candy. Afterward they hit the town for a wild night out.

January 25, 2012

PBUH031: Rending Brass - The Cyclist Remixes

In 2012 we had the privilege of releasing Irish bedroom producer Andrew Morrison's debut LP, Bending Brass, on our imprint Crash Symbols, helping introduce our little corner of Christendom to his work as The Cyclist. Needless to say, it sold out fast. To commemorate it and a bunch of other exciting releases he's got in the pipes - with us and others - we decided to organize a remixtape, with some of our favorite pals taking out their own frustrations out on a select few jams from the original tape. My wife and I even made one to break in our new project, Visiting Houses. We deliberately chose one of the darkest tracks on the album and had some fun with it, threw in some Twin Peaks samples because obviously they're always good. Other people went in brighter directions and "Technicolor!" was a much deserved favorite. Anyway, we couldn't be happier with how it turned out and we hope you love it.

Download the entire tape for free or purchase the very limited edition cassette here.

Words Of Love

Although it was released in August of last year, we just recently acquired and listened to our copy of Wavepool Abortion's tape, ЖЕРТВА АБОРТА (out on DZTapes). Despite their unsavory band name, and the fact that these dudes are not from Moscow, as they hilariously pretended to be (they're actually part of NYC's Darlings), the music itself is fully enjoyable. Dredged in fuzz and blissful filth, the album's fourteen short tracks pass by quickly and definitely bear repeating. My ears especially pricked up when I heard their cover of Buddy Holly's "Words Of Love" -- their version of his little ditty sounds like it was made using guitars filled with sand, and the deadpan singing of his sweet lyrics somehow works perfectly.

MP3: Wavepool Abortion - Words Of Love
You can download the whole damn thing for free right hair.

Video: Baron - Comea

Peep this awesome video from Brighton-based band Baron (that sure is a lot of "B"s!). The track, "Comea", is a six-minute "bit of English thumping-psych" (to quote the band). Featuring slightly David Byrne-esque vocals, "neo-monastic byzantine" riffing, and plenty of psych/art-rock instrumentation, its video accompaniment fits perfectly, with a mixture of spacey futurist footage and lovely retro animation.

You can stream the track (and check out an older release of theirs) at their bandcamp. We'll be sure to keep you informed on any new treats that Baron churns out over the coming months.

Video Premiere: Moss of Aura - Bling

[video by Abe Sanders]
You might recognize Gerrit Welmers as the guy in charge of brilliant synth hooks & lines for Future Islands. If you're stalking Welmers a bit (but just a bit), however, you might know he also has a solo project called Moss of Aura. Last fall Friends Records released his debut vinyl LP under the Moss of Aura moniker, titled Wading. The record is eleven tracks of dizzying ambiance indicative of the album's title, poured forth from a variety of woozy synthesizers, booming drum pads and neck-breaking snaps that tickle the soul and tug at the heart. Stand out track "Bling" was recently given this lovely video treatment by Abe Sanders. Sanders is the same brain responsible for Future Island's stunning "Before the Bridge" video. The clip features some beautiful beach and woodland scenery, all shot right here in the North Carolina.

You can stream Wading at the Friends Bandcamp. Head over here to order the LP, which includes five gorgeous postcards and CD copy as well.

January 24, 2012

PBUH031: Leisure - Green Light

Last year, we happily announced that we would be doing a 7" with Leisure, one of our favorite bands back East, on our imprint Crash Symbols. Unfortunately, prohibitive schedules within the band have prevented its release in a timely manner and rather than rush it out among our and the band's various other projects, we've decided to cancel the pressing. Everyone that preordered the "Green Light" 7" last month will be refunded. We are sad, but optimistic for the country. More importantly, this means we can finally unveil the Clive Tanaka and beaunoise collaboration that was to have graced the b-side, premiered this morning by our friend Blake at Impose:
Rouhana is trapped in the slow BPM count on the original, but Clive Tanaka and beaunoise light a match under the phoenix on their tag-teamed remix. The duo, like a good EDM team, linger on Leisure's "dying just to live" lyric, as it triggers the joints and muscles into activity on the floor.
Grab the entire single here.

PBUH033: MondreM.A.N. - M A N

For just about a year now I've been obsessing over the heady cloud rap stylings of Main Attrakionz and the rest of Green Ova. In that year I've gotten to know the crews producers, managers and of course members; and much to my jealousy, Dwight and Liz have even hung out with some of the fam since their move to Oakland. When Oliver over at Dream Collabo hit us up about teaming up to do a tape release of MondreM.A.N.'s recent M A N EP it was a no-brainer. As if the list of producers on the EP isn't exciting enough (Beautiful Lou, Silky Johnson and Nem270 to name a few), we decided to pack the b-side of the tape with a remix to each track. We've got alternate cuts from Yalls, Ryan Hemsworth, Julian Wass, Shady Blaze, Blissed Out, ZachG, Sea Things, Blue Sky Black Death; and even I did a brief edit of the first track.

As per our usual, the M A N tape is limited to 100 copies and the digital is free. Get your fix at the Crash Symbols Bandcamp.

January 23, 2012

Photos: Pressed And, Featureless Ghost & C Powers

[all photos © Giancarlo D'Alessandro]
This past Friday we had our first ever Crash Symbols presents show. Pressed And & Featureless Ghost came through with the homie C Powers and tore shit up at Gravity. Feet moved, dust unsettled and everyone had a blast. All the while our pal Giancarlo was shooting away, making sure not a moment was lost to those who could not attend.

C Powers
Peep a whole grip of shots after the jump.

ASTROCAST No. 20: Featureless Ghost

Featureless Ghost, the Atlanta-based-via-space duo we helped out with a tape last year, has lined up a busy year for themselves, with releases coming up on Night People Records, among others. While those coalesce together who knows where, they've teamed up with one of our favorite rising electronic labels, Astro Nautico, to release a mix in the label's ASTROCAST series. Matt Weiner from the band filled me in a little - for their mix, the band collected song samples (none plays by itself for more than 45 seconds ), strung them together, and sped most of them up to around 160bpm. The result definitely sets a pace of its own, but more striking is the diversity of content; played at such high speeds, a whole lot of very different material ends up sounding pretty comfortable together.


VBZ, the makers of "Quasicrystals", are only one of many projects being pushed by Fake Flamingo Recordings, a new digital singles imprint with a beautiful website and an unconventional pitch:
Fake Flamingo Recordings was conceived in 2011 as a response to the current phenomena of selling an artist's identity rather than their music. A group of veteran label owners, artists, and writers created a framework for the project, culminating in a 2012 launch. The goal is to release a digital single each week, created by an artist working under a pseudonym.
When the label has generated $1,000 in sales through bandcamp, they plan to release a limited edition 12" anthology of singles, to be delivered for free to 100 people that actually paid for their downloads. As the label points out, working outside their typical concepts and contexts has been freeing for the participants - since I think I recognize the hands (and voices) of Decoder's East Bay homeboys (maybe Yalls and Some Ember) in the two tracks from VBZ, I'm pretty certain that I can verify that firsthand.

Download the VBZ single here and don't forget to contribute generously! Those 100 people must be chosen on some kind of a sliding scale or who knows what. Keep checking Fake Flamingo for new singles - VBZ happens to be the label's third.

Video: L.W.H. - Pentagon Q&A (ft Astrronomy)

[video edited by L.W.H.]

Tidal Rave

A little over a week ago I posted Unicorn Kid's remix to "I'm On One", a track I'm still very obsessed with. Since then I've been digging into his most recent EP and first walk with the seapunk aesthetic. Tidal Rave EP is a three-song score to the best day you ever had on a jet ski. I was in 8th grade when it happened so I still remember fondly. I've been on a bit of a Lisa Frank kick lately, but I'm just certain this is what her artwork would sound like if converted to mp3. Dive in to this one headfirst and don't worry about coming up for air.

MP3: Unicorn Kid - Tidal Rave EP
01 Chrome Lion
02 Boys of Paradise
03 True Love Fantasy (ft Talk to Animals)


A couple of months ago we introduced you to Spectral Park, Luke Donovan's psych-tinged, lo-fi pop project. He's recently released a five-song EP, Factory Peeled, and it's just as enjoyable as that first single he put out ("L'appel Du Vide"). Factory Peeled seems like it could be the (short) soundtrack to a 60s movie, with the wild, slightly distorted synth, Luke's reverb-drenched vocals, and an overall dramatic ambiance resulting from layers and layers of fuzzy string/horn sections and drums. It also doesn't hurt that the last track is called "Leaving The Theatre". I suggest checking out the second track, "Colours", with its unstoppable melodies and fun keyboard interspersions.

MP3: Spectral Park - Colours
You can download Factory Peeled for free from his bandcamp.

January 22, 2012

14th Annual Séance (Part 3)

Perispirit is the ongoing collaboration of Ricardo Donoso and Luke Moldof, with Donoso applying digital finesse to Moldof's predominantly analog "source material". As an exercise the duo's new album Spiritual Church Movement is often dominated by the stark, almost sensuous, technological collision they've created, but what Digitalis describes as "squalid sonic debris" sifted together over the course of "beats that are barely there" and strewn across "melodic shrapnel", really does resolve itself into a compelling creation; more or less, the grating scuffle that emerges when the two musicians collaborate attempting to assert a sort of para-humanity.

Spiritual Church Movement comes out on January 19th, from Digitalis.

One Note

In the latest "batch" of releases from Kevin Greenspon's Bridgetown Records was something eye-catching called One Note, from Dr. D.R. Barclay: "Barclay’s newest offering utilizes 8 years of research and a lifetime of record collecting to present the first definitive collection of one-note guitar solos from dozens of classic pop/punk/blues/indie rock/etc. songs". Though I can't help but think of the prolific Scottish preacher William Barclay, apparently this one has an honest-to-God doctorate in oceanography from UC San Diego and a biography littered with eccentric recording exploits. One Note really is a riveting listen - transitions are so tonally seamless from one solo to the next that the result blends comfortably, even managing to feel more structured than abstract. However enjoyable it is, the real show may still be Barclay's more comprehensive list of past and ongoing projects including a print and t-shirt shop called Nice Snacks/Cold Drinks, a twitter account dedicated to recalling the history of US earthquakes one at a time, and a non-stop 24 hour DJ set (hilariously photographed here).

Greenspon elaborated for me in an email:
The tape was inspired by a forum post [Barclay] made in 2002 pondering which songs had the best one note guitar solos, and the thread kept going for years even after he stopped posting there. He picked up all the records that people talked about and already had a good amount of usable stuff and used the cream of the crop for the tape. He's a really accomplished DJ and recently finished a podcast series where he played a song from from every record he owned. It took him 65 podcast episodes over the span of 2 and a half years. The last episode was 5 hours long.
Dr. D.R. Barclay (Side A Excerpt)
Dr. D.R. Barclay (Side B Excerpt)
Order the cassette from Bridgetown, for $6 by itself or $24 bundled with the label's other recent releases.

January 20, 2012

Video Premiere: Spakkiano - Macadam

Spakkiano is Federico from Bologna, a "red salty drummer" in his own words. He's circulating his first track, "Macadam", named for a method of road construction, with a home-cobbled video accompaniment that fits the music perfectly. Like this earnest, wide-eyed gentleman Federico found on archive.org in a film produced by British Government Public Information Films (presumably to aid people with the intermediate complexities of handling streets with cars), his spare percussion and synth arrangements gingerly move forward until they've hit the middle of the road and proceed to have a picnic. Not an overly ambitious picnic, though it still ends uncomfortably in the video.

MP3: Spakkiano - Macadam
Look for more from him we know not when, though there's some vague talk of a "red salty" single or EP.

January 19, 2012

Coming Soon

Marissa Nadler's sophomore record release, assumedly titled The Sister, will arrive this Spring.

January 17, 2012

Web Walk

A few months ago at Crash Symbols HQ, in our underground volcano/waterfall lair (currently on display in Kunstkammern all across Germany), we got to talking about how much we love "Web Walk", from Featureless Ghost's Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies EP, ultimately resolving to ensure that all future listeners would be subjected to no fewer than three different versions. According to Whitney Gould, aka Heart Island (also the command module for SPORTS), this is his him "reflecting on his robot self that used to be a man self", and really what more elaboration do you need. Insisting on recording his own vocals for the remix, Whitney brings the song's lyrics into greater focus, making for a far more intimate experience than the original. With their own remix, the band goes the opposite direction; taking a song that sounds best suited to accompanying cyborg calisthenics, picking up the pace and sucking out most of the bass.

Featureless Ghost - Web Walk (Heart Island Remix)
Featureless Ghost - Web Walk (Featureless Ghost's Same-As-Before Remix)
Download the entire Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies EP, along with the band and Gould's new remixes, here. Image courtesy of Fantastic Lands.

PBUH036: Pariah Carey - Rhizome EP

A rhizome is the main stem of some plants, usually those growing underground, extending new limbs from various nodes of growth. Many can still propagate if damaged - it's fundamentally a growing thing and perhaps at least part of the inspiration for Rhizome, the new EP from our own Jheri Evans, aka Pariah Carey. Five tracks of fast paced, almost claustrophobic mycology-themed electronica trace the story of a mind-consuming fungus (originally growing on a rhizome) in a far future earth, where only the freedom fighter Garghul & Co. and local scientist Dr. Rah-soo have the wherewithal to oppose it.

MP3: Pariah Carey - Basidiomycota
Download the entire Rhizome EP for free over at the Crash Symbols bandcamp. Jheri's also making a limited number of hand dubbed copies (only 20) which, knowing him, will surely be gorgeous. Also, here's some fun bedtime reading; "Basidiomycota".

January 16, 2012

Premiere: Deep Ocean (Elephant and Castle Remix)

Now that we have internet in our apartment, I'm excited to finally be making my first post on Decoder, and even more excited that it gets to be a premiere of this track. Some Ember is going to be blowing up soon, so y'all best pay attention! His track "Deep Ocean" was included in Crash Symbols' latest compilation, Dope Mountain Fuck Vol. 2, and I've been listening to it on repeat since then. Elephant and Castle have given it a lovely treatment in this remix -- the tight, dancey hi-hat rhythms and ending solo have been replaced with slowly growing drumbeats and pillowy waves of synth to create a version that's almost a full minute longer and really brings Dylan's vocals into the spotlight. Headphones are a must for this one.

You can expect a full-length release from Some Ember very soon...

Video: o F F Love - Be Around U

From o F F Love's debut record, Probably Love; out today via M=MAXIMAL.

Video: Deniro Farrar - Dying to See Another Day

[video by Red Audio]

January 13, 2012

Solar Cell

Though their cassette has been sold out for ages with our pals at Digitalis, Giant Claw's last album Tunnel Mind remains (free) and it was one of my favorites from 2011. The band is led by Keith Rankin and cohorts, of Dayton, OH, and although I can't confirm that it has anything to do with Fred F. Sears' 1957 The Giant Claw (a genre defining film for King Kong/Godzilla style big birds attack cinema), the two things might appeal to at least some of the same "buffs". On Tunnel Mind, Rankin describes a less minimalist mental journey than on previous efforts, but structurally the deference to discursiveness remains; tracks unfold in unexpected ways and when there seems to be a larger narrative body emerging, it tends to be that of an upbeat mutant.

MP3: Giant Claw - Solar Cell
Grab Tunnel Mind for free from the band's bandcamp, where you can also explore their treasure trove of a mostly free back catalog. If you need a tape, their previous album is available from Orange Milk.


Since their effulgent 12" EP, Settings (True Panther, 2011), I've wondered where the effort of recording enough material for an LP would take Tanlines - their latest, unveiled earlier this week, has most recently been characterized as helping to draw closed the duo's arc from "production project" to "band". "Brothers", taken from their upcoming full length debut, Mixed Emotions, definitely marks an expansion in their production and instrumentation, as well as the addition of a new emotional quality to Eric Emm's more full-bodied vocals, but part of me misses the leanness of Settings, even if it still fits nicely alongside the new material.

MP3: Tanlines - Brothers
Mixed Emotions is currently slated for a release on March 20 - preorder it from True Panther.

I'm On One (Unicorn Kid Stadium Remix)

My buddy David just turned me onto this sick remix for Khaled & Drake's "I'm On One". Judging from the score of Soundcloud followers & comments I'm the only person on the internet who hasn't heard Unicorn Kid yet, but in case you're in the same boat as me, this remix is brilliant. David describes it perfectly, so I'll leave you with this: "It sounds like any water level from a 90s videogame."

MP3: DJ Khaled ft. Drake - I'm On One (Unicorn Kid Stadium Remix)

Wild Cherry / Bona Dea

Brainshadows is the sexy new psych-pop project of Matt Lajoie (aka Herbcraft) and Dawn Aquarius (aka Oracle Offering); inspired by Phil Spector's echo-chamber pop, early no-wave & post-punk movements, and motorcycle exploitation films amongst other things. The duo are currently working on their second 7" and aim to release a few more singles before even considering an album. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Brainshadows' debut 7", "Wild Cherry" b/w "Ripe", dropped at the end of last November on Lajoie's own L'animaux Tryst label. Just under ten-minutes of dark synth bubbles beneath fuzzy vocals buried in transparent tribal percussion while enchanting guitar & bass notes bleed in and out of focus.

MP3: Brainshadows - Wild Cherry (AM Gold Edit)
You can pick up Brainshadows' Wild Cherry 7" now via L'animaux Tryst.

Brainshadows isn't the first instance of Matt Lajoie and Dawn Aquarius working together, however. Before Herbcraft and Oracle Offering there was Cursillistas. The project started in 2004 as a solo project for Lajoie. In 2008 Aquarius joined the project and the duo recorded the album Joint Chiefs (released on Digitalis). After touring the album extensively the two moved to different areas and were forced to split ways. Aquarius continued work on her Oracle Offering project while Lajoie started Herbcraft. L'animaux Tryst is set to release the final Cursillistas full-length on January 31, officially putting the project in the past as the duo move forward with work on their respective solo projects and Brainshadows. Observe Ember Weeks is mostly comprised of tracks that came before Aquarius joined the project, so Dawn only appears on a couple of tracks.

Cursillistas - Bona Dea (feat Dawn Aquarius)
Cursillistas - Bed of Weeds
Observe Ember Weeks is available for pre-order, with the release date slated for 1/31, also via L'animaux Tryst.

Video: Kevin Greenspon - Barring Will + Paradise A.D.

[video by Matthieu Séry]

MP3: Kevin Greenspon - Barring Will
"Barring Will" is a bonus track on the upcoming live album, Push You Away Forever. "Paradise A.D." originally appears on a limited split with Sky Stadium on Existential Cloth. Both tracks can be found on the rarities and b-sides collection Paradise A.D., available now via Bridgetown Records.

January 12, 2012

Video: Grimes - Genesis (live via Yours Truly)

On February 21 Grimes' new LP, Visions, drops via 4AD & Arbutus. Last week the album's second single, "Genesis" was released, and now the brilliant minds at Yours Truly have provided a stellar live clip of the track. Though the footage was shot last May at the Sub (a rad co-op studio/venue space in San Francisco), Gorilla vs Bear just premiered the video late last night. If you haven't seen Grimes live yet then this is but a peek at what you're missing.

MP3: Grimes - Genesis


Friendzone is trying to up their output with a new track each week right now. Last week we saw the retooled version of "Near", and this week we get the very appropriately titled "!!-MAJOR". The beat on this one goes off hard from the very start, with head spinning vocal samples that wrap tightly around swollen kicks and snares. With such a heady beat it's hard to imagine anyone rapping over it, though anyone willing to try should see this as a challenge.

MP3: Friendzone - !!-MAJOR

Rack City (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)

This morning Ryan Hemsworth got bored. He had plenty of work to do, but instead he remixed Tyga's "Rack City," and we're all better for it. The remix forgoes the dark, foreboding sound of the original for a much brighter, cloud-oriented sound. Summer just came early, so if the sun's out you better drop the top and put this one on blast.

MP3: Tyga - Rack City (Ryan Hemsworth Remix)


Yesterday Tri Angle announced the signing of Bristol-based producer Vessel, with the promise of more info to come. I didn't realize they meant the next day, but I certainly won't complain. The info is still sparse, however, as we are only promised that his debut album will arrive "at some point this year." There's another track available, this one titled "Metle," as well as a Soundcloud link with a few other tracks to stream. If nothing else they've totally convinced me that I want the new Vessel album before it even exists.

Stream: Vessel - Metle

Head over to Vessel's Soundcloud to hear a few more jams.

Sweat Mode

The folks at Donky Pitch just dropped a new free digital EP with producer Ghost Mutt. The Sweat Mode EP is an outrageously dancey jaunt that manages to keep toward the minimal side without feeling empty. Bent R&B vocal samples tear through each track, adding a soulful playfulness that is almost unheard of. This is stellar dance music that doesn't feel too serious about each step. Just loosen up your body and move bb.

MP3: Ghost Mutt - Sweat Mode
Pick the rest of the Sweat Mode EP via Donky Pitch for just the cheap cost of an email address.