January 23, 2012

ASTROCAST No. 20: Featureless Ghost

Featureless Ghost, the Atlanta-based-via-space duo we helped out with a tape last year, has lined up a busy year for themselves, with releases coming up on Night People Records, among others. While those coalesce together who knows where, they've teamed up with one of our favorite rising electronic labels, Astro Nautico, to release a mix in the label's ASTROCAST series. Matt Weiner from the band filled me in a little - for their mix, the band collected song samples (none plays by itself for more than 45 seconds ), strung them together, and sped most of them up to around 160bpm. The result definitely sets a pace of its own, but more striking is the diversity of content; played at such high speeds, a whole lot of very different material ends up sounding pretty comfortable together.

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