January 9, 2012

Be Around U

One of my favorite dark R&B arts practitioners, o F F Love, recently dropped a new single from his upcoming record Probably Love. Sparse piano wraps around screams that sound lost in the night, while a thudding kick guides liquid vocals. o F F has become a master of using minimal aesthetics that clearly put across his feelings, almost as if he's wearing them on his musical sleeves. One of his favorite artists, Sail A Whale, also put their touch on an equally killer remix to the track. While still pretty minimal, a shimmering synth fills the background of the song, leaving no moment silent and seemingly instilling hope into o F F's want to "be around u."

o F F Love - Be Around U

o F F Love - Be Around U (Sail A Whale Remix)

Head over to Soundcloud to check out another remix from Press Label as well as Drawlings' take on Probably Love's first single, "Close To U, I'm Not". Probably Love drops next Monday, January 16, via m=maximal.

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