January 3, 2012


My two favorite Floridian garage-grime rockers, Waylon & Meg Thornton, recently began work on a musical. Waylon describes it as "kind of like if John Waters directed West Side Story." It tells the story of a half-Native American greaser, named Changalang, who leads a gang called the Slugs. Changalang falls in love with a clean-cut girl, but the Slugs aren't down with the new girl and want Chang to stick to his old girlfriend. The first track to premiere from the musical is named for the main character. It's the jangly (changly?), ballsy guitar and vocals we're used to, with Meg banging away on the drums every daily frustration a wife might endure. Something about this track stands out, however, and perhaps it's the idea of a concept, but I can't stop pressing play. Consider yourself warned.

MP3: Waylon Thornton and the Heavy Hands - Changalang

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