January 2, 2012

Decoder's Favorite Albums: 2011

Favorite Albums 2011A little over three years ago I started Get Off The Coast with no idea of how much could be achieved through it. Over the past few years I've met so many wonderful and talented musicians, writers, artists and just plain old rad fucking people; all thanks to my little ol' blog. Then along came my creative soul mate, Dwight, and his stellar wife Liz. Adding them to the blog, as well as my good friend Brian and the lovely Audrey, meant that this was no longer just my thing. It became a group effort, with all of us pouring our own love, blood and sweat into the project. We ultimately decided that our group project needs a group name. Oh, and did I mention we're working on a print magazine for you as well? We'll have more info on that later this week, though. As a group we'll be bringing you more feature content such as interviews & guest posts. We'll also be working to cover various art scenes, though music will remain our primary focus. Anyway, enough of the chatter. Onto the festivities!

When I started Get Off The Coast, the very first post was my favorite albums from the year 2008. Now with the start of 2012, as we put GOTC to rest and bring to life Decoder, it only seems fit that we begin with our favorite albums of 2011. Since there are several us choosing, a new format is called for as well. Dwight, Liz and I each picked ten favorite albums from this year, as well five EPs and/or singles. Brian and Audrey also rung in with five albums each, giving us a total of 40 albums from this year and 15 EPs/singles. We're breaking off a fat ass piece of music love for you today, so pack a bowl, grab a snack, and dig in to Decoder's Favorite Albums: 2011.

Jheri's Albums 2011Active Child - You Are All I See (Vagrant)
Playing House (feat How to Dress Well)
Main Attrakionz - Chandelier (Green Ova)
Eightball (feat Shady Blaze)
Balam Acab - Wander / Wonder (Tri Angle)
Oh, Why
Drake - Take Care (Young Money)
--We'll Be Fine (feat Birdman)

Ghibli - Pythia (Wonder Beard Tapes)
The Weeknd - House Of Balloons (XO)
What You Need
Terrius Nash - 1977 (Radio Killa)
Wedding Crasher
Konnichiwa - Visions (Rainbow Body Records)
The Answer Page - Orca (Self-Released)
Ryan Hemsworth - No Plans (Self-Released)
Laboratory Ruins
Jheri's EPs/Singles 2011LA Vampires Goes Ital - Streetwise (Not Not Fun)
Old Bowl - Innocent Sisters EP (Self-Released)
Is there a Greater Fear Than This
Purity Ring - Ungirthed
Teams - Whxt Txrns U Xn?
--AyGeeTee - 10xOver

Dwight's Albums 2011beaunoise - You Never Close Your Lips When I Kiss Your Eyes (Tall Corn Music)
I Objectify Women Because I Hate My Body
Chubby Wolf - Turkey Decoy (Digitalis)
If There's An Elephant In The Room, Introduce It
D. Gookin - Spiral Style (Moodgadget)
--Doesn't Matter

Don Cash - Epic (Spring Break Tapes)
Trans Am
Gongue - Blurred (Dracula Horse)
Skoal Kodiak - Kryptonym Bodliak (LOAD Records)
Blues Control & Laraaji - FRKWYS Vol. 8 (RVNG Intl.)
--Awakening Day

Giant Claw - Tunnel Mind (Digitalis)
Tunnel Mind
Ricky Eat Acid - Haunt U Forever (Chill Mega Chill)
Zac Nelson - Sound A Sleep Sound (Bathetic)
--Cloud Mine (excerpt)

Dwight's EPs/Singles 2011Joystick Jay - Disco Delicious 01 (Disco Delicious)
Fela Kuti - No Possible (Joystick Jay Vulgar Distractions Edit)
Creepy Marbles - ddrrrr3333ml4nd EP (Holy Page)
dreamland dithyramb (dubstended stomach mix)
Human Resources - Saving Lady/Pauline 7" (Self-Released)
Saving Lady/Pauline
Maxmillion Dunbar - Max Trax For World Peace (Future Times)
Mo Kolours - EP1: Drum Talking (Sweat Lodge Guru)

Liz's Albums 2011The Black Keys - El Camino (Nonesuch)
Hell of a Season
Night Beats - Night Beats (Trouble In Mind)
Puppet On A String
FAVORS - Five Million Years (Alchemist Records)
The Strokes - Angles (RCA/Rough Trade)

Fungi Girls - Some Easy Magic (Hozac)
Honey Face
Generationals - Actor-Caster (Park the Van)
You Say It Too
Future Islands - On The Water (Thrill Jockey)
Twin Steps - Serial Parade (Cola Bruin)
Pinkie Promise
Sleeping Bag - Sleeping Bag (Joyful Noise)
Sonny and the Sunsets - Hit After Hit (Fat Possum)
Teen Age Thugs
Liz's EPs/Singles 2011Great Dads - Crunk Goblins (Self-Released)
Ladies Knight
High Pop - Hippie Speed Ball (Sex Cave Records)
Drip from the Sea
PEPEPIANO - King (Speaker Snacks)
I Understand You
Quilt - Cowboys of the Void/Penobska Oakwalk (Self-Released)
The Black Tambourines - Chica EP (Art Is Hard)

Audrey's Albums 2011Youth Lagoon - The Year Of Hibernation (Fat Possum/Lefse)
Cults - Cults (In the Name Of/Columbia)
Pepper Rabbit
- Red Velvet Snow Ball (Kanine Records)
Murder Room
A$AP Rocky
- LiveLoveA$AP (Sony/RCA/Polo Grounds)
Purple Swag: Chapter 2 (feat. Spaceghost Purrp & ASAP Nast)
- BBNG (Self-Released)

Brian's Albums 2011La Dispute - Wildlife (No Sleep)
King Park
Pianos Become the Teeth - The Lack Long After (Topshelf Records)
Liquid Courage
Tidemouth - What I Meant to Say (Deaf Row)

- A d o r m i d e r a (Self-Released)
Andrew Jackson Jihad - Knife Man (Asian Man)
Hate, Rain On Me

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