January 30, 2012


I wrote about Mark Aubert last year, shortly after we moved to the Bay Area and I discovered (a part of) the plethora of amazing musicians that reside here. Mark is nothing if not prolific, and he recently posted a new track that's totally mind-blowing, as usual. Making use of a slowed-down background sample that sounds a lot like it came from Johnny Preston's classic "Running Bear" (maybe it did), the new song (titled "Dntwnt2go") is moved along by another vocal sample repeating "I don't wanna go" while sick beats and other various samples are parlayed into a bumping soundscape that you won't want to leave.

MP3: Mark Aubert - Dntwnt2go
I also suggest checking out his latest full release, Lost / Found, which you can download for free (along with his many other albums) at his bandcamp.

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  1. I recognized the "I don't wanna go" part from a song my dad used to play when I was little, but couldn't remember what it came from. I finally tracked it down: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fe0q8Lq3L2Q

    I love how he completely transformed that one line. Amazing. Thanks for sharing this.