January 4, 2012

High Priestess (CFCF Remix)

The homies at Vagrant recently sent over this killer CFCF remix to Active Child's "High Priestess". You Are All I See was my favorite album of 2011 so I was initially a bit weary of a remix to a song I consider an emotional masterpiece. CFCF has managed to retain all of the original's emotionality, however, and even adds new tones to the track with an incredible pan flute solo at the end. This one will certainly pull hard at the heart strings.

MP3: Active Child - High Priestess (CFCF Remix)
Pick up You Are All I See in LP or CD format via Vagrant, or grab the deluxe iTunes edition for a few new b-sides, extra remixes and a stellar live rendition of "Hanging On".

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