January 3, 2012

In My Car

Early last year Captured Tracks joined forces with Dark Entries to reissue a deluxe version of Jeff and Jane Hudson's debut LP, Flesh. Though the album was originally released in 1983, the current wave of 80s synth nostalgia coupled with the record's true brilliance leaves it timeless. Now the married duo have decided to release new music, returning to their early sounds with the 12" maxi-single for "In My Car" and "Computer Jungle" on Electric Voice Records. "In My Car" is dark and brooding, with swirling textures laying just beneath tribal rhythms and sparse industrial percussion. The track starts out with an almost deceitful tropicalia to it. When the digital brass kicks in, however, and Jane's haunting vocals begin, the vibes turn darker. Listen to this one in your car at 4am as you're finally making your way home from the discotheque, lasers still pouring from your eyes.

MP3: Jeff and Jane Hudson - In My Car
Pick up the 12" single (complete with club mixes of both tracks) from Electric Voice Records.

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  1. Can't wait to hear it...If it's as awesome as your writing and desciptive it'll be a hit (is descriptive not a word? spell check underlined...hmmmm. Anywho, love ya CB Panda!