January 10, 2012

Introducing: Portals

Today we are proud to announce our involvement in Portals, a new collective of blogs from across the globe seeking to collaborate and cultivate the ideas of our current do-it-together online music community. It's always been said that there is more power in numbers, and while it's not exactly power we seek, we do hope to continue to wrestle the music industry away from those who have no passion for it and continue to bring it back to all the people who love and create this wonderful form of expression. Thanks to the internet the idea of local communities has faded in some aspects, and so in that respect Portals is not from anywhere but the internet, where the community we know and love continues to thrive, and we hope as a team that we can continue to bring you radical music from that community and beyond.

[video by Left Arm Single, music: "You(th)" by Hollow Pigeons]
I know you're thinking you've heard this before, and we here at Decoder have even been through it before, but I promise we've got a lot of big things planned and we will work our hardest to make Portals a unique experience for everyone involved. I couldn't be more thrilled with the cast of bloggers we're working with. AWD Castles, Cactus Mouth, Cool Things I Find, Dead As Digital, East to West, Flashlight Tag, Friends With Both Arms, Life Aquatic, Magic Teepee, Pasta Primavera, Smoke Don't Smoke, Speaker Snacks, Unholy Rhythms, Verb/Re/Verb, Zen Tapes, and of course us over here at Decoder, will all be contributing regularly, and beyond that we'll all be interacting with the site regularly. This won't just be another site full of short form reviews. If you're curious what I mean then just stay tuned; we've got more info coming soon!

Portals on Facebook | @PRTLS

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