January 3, 2012

Nightmare On Rosedale

I've been digging Michael Myerz raps for a few months now. He's managed to work out a flow that sounds uniquely him, like the 90s-bred nerdy white kid he is, without sounding like a joke. On the last day of 2011 Myerz dropped Nightmare On Rosedale, a sequel of sorts to his debut, Nightmare From The 90's. In that sequel aspect you see Myerz already quickly developing his own style and moving further away from that of his peers. There's less anger, and this time the nightmares are more about worries in life than they are about fears. It's interesting to hear so much development in just a few months, but more than anything it's impressive.

Michael Myerz - Zonked (prod. Daniel Jones)
Michael Myerz - Snow Man (prod. Sadsic)
Head over to bandcamp to grab the free digital drop of Nightmare On Rosedale.

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