January 26, 2012

Party Down

I don't have too much background on Lay Bac; apparently we posted about them ages ago (back on Get Off the Coast), the band recently added a second member (Party Girl, also on their imprint Zoom Lens), and they've got "past releases" that I can't seem to find in their entirety. Keep poor old Decoder in your thoughts if you happen to know of some, and fill our comments section with Mediafire links! Shortcuts is their latest - a five track EP with mostly short and sweet, sun-swollen summer-seeming funk and glistening disco skronk. Good stuff in spite of the creepy picture of that girl sleeping on the cover.

Update: I've just been told that Lay Bac hails from Austin, TX and has a long history - previously going by De Rol Le and at various times as Tom Cruisin'. Lay Bac is only the most recent moniker.

Download the entire Shortcuts EP for free from Zoom Lens, along with a slew of other free releases.

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