January 17, 2012

PBUH036: Pariah Carey - Rhizome EP

A rhizome is the main stem of some plants, usually those growing underground, extending new limbs from various nodes of growth. Many can still propagate if damaged - it's fundamentally a growing thing and perhaps at least part of the inspiration for Rhizome, the new EP from our own Jheri Evans, aka Pariah Carey. Five tracks of fast paced, almost claustrophobic mycology-themed electronica trace the story of a mind-consuming fungus (originally growing on a rhizome) in a far future earth, where only the freedom fighter Garghul & Co. and local scientist Dr. Rah-soo have the wherewithal to oppose it.

MP3: Pariah Carey - Basidiomycota
Download the entire Rhizome EP for free over at the Crash Symbols bandcamp. Jheri's also making a limited number of hand dubbed copies (only 20) which, knowing him, will surely be gorgeous. Also, here's some fun bedtime reading; "Basidiomycota".

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  1. Also, the Rhizome is a major key idea in the philosophy of Deleuze and Guattari, which would certainly work with the non-linearity of the song.