January 24, 2012

PBUH031: Leisure - Green Light

Last year, we happily announced that we would be doing a 7" with Leisure, one of our favorite bands back East, on our imprint Crash Symbols. Unfortunately, prohibitive schedules within the band have prevented its release in a timely manner and rather than rush it out among our and the band's various other projects, we've decided to cancel the pressing. Everyone that preordered the "Green Light" 7" last month will be refunded. We are sad, but optimistic for the country. More importantly, this means we can finally unveil the Clive Tanaka and beaunoise collaboration that was to have graced the b-side, premiered this morning by our friend Blake at Impose:
Rouhana is trapped in the slow BPM count on the original, but Clive Tanaka and beaunoise light a match under the phoenix on their tag-teamed remix. The duo, like a good EDM team, linger on Leisure's "dying just to live" lyric, as it triggers the joints and muscles into activity on the floor.
Grab the entire single here.

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