January 25, 2012

PBUH031: Rending Brass - The Cyclist Remixes

In 2012 we had the privilege of releasing Irish bedroom producer Andrew Morrison's debut LP, Bending Brass, on our imprint Crash Symbols, helping introduce our little corner of Christendom to his work as The Cyclist. Needless to say, it sold out fast. To commemorate it and a bunch of other exciting releases he's got in the pipes - with us and others - we decided to organize a remixtape, with some of our favorite pals taking out their own frustrations out on a select few jams from the original tape. My wife and I even made one to break in our new project, Visiting Houses. We deliberately chose one of the darkest tracks on the album and had some fun with it, threw in some Twin Peaks samples because obviously they're always good. Other people went in brighter directions and "Technicolor!" was a much deserved favorite. Anyway, we couldn't be happier with how it turned out and we hope you love it.

Download the entire tape for free or purchase the very limited edition cassette here.

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