January 16, 2012

Premiere: Deep Ocean (Elephant and Castle Remix)

Now that we have internet in our apartment, I'm excited to finally be making my first post on Decoder, and even more excited that it gets to be a premiere of this track. Some Ember is going to be blowing up soon, so y'all best pay attention! His track "Deep Ocean" was included in Crash Symbols' latest compilation, Dope Mountain Fuck Vol. 2, and I've been listening to it on repeat since then. Elephant and Castle have given it a lovely treatment in this remix -- the tight, dancey hi-hat rhythms and ending solo have been replaced with slowly growing drumbeats and pillowy waves of synth to create a version that's almost a full minute longer and really brings Dylan's vocals into the spotlight. Headphones are a must for this one.

You can expect a full-length release from Some Ember very soon...

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