January 30, 2012

Premiere: Marshall Trotter - High Noon

Mirror Universe is set to drop their first tape release of the year this Spring, Small Troubles from one Marshall Trotter. If the name isn't ringing any bells fret not, he's previously gone by the moniker Aux Arc. Though he has decided to drop the moniker, the music still feels as bright and erratic as it ever did. Last October our pal Ric at International Tapes shared the demo version of "High Noon" on Altered Zones, and now we have the pleasure of debuting the final version. The track is hyper; bouncy enough to have you dancing at double speed. Even with a slightly wistful tinge to the vocals, they flow in a way that makes the soul sway.

MP3: Marshall Trotter - High Noon
Small Troubles drops on tape this Spring via Mirror Universe and the first edition is limited to 50 copies.

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