January 23, 2012


VBZ, the makers of "Quasicrystals", are only one of many projects being pushed by Fake Flamingo Recordings, a new digital singles imprint with a beautiful website and an unconventional pitch:
Fake Flamingo Recordings was conceived in 2011 as a response to the current phenomena of selling an artist's identity rather than their music. A group of veteran label owners, artists, and writers created a framework for the project, culminating in a 2012 launch. The goal is to release a digital single each week, created by an artist working under a pseudonym.
When the label has generated $1,000 in sales through bandcamp, they plan to release a limited edition 12" anthology of singles, to be delivered for free to 100 people that actually paid for their downloads. As the label points out, working outside their typical concepts and contexts has been freeing for the participants - since I think I recognize the hands (and voices) of Decoder's East Bay homeboys (maybe Yalls and Some Ember) in the two tracks from VBZ, I'm pretty certain that I can verify that firsthand.

Download the VBZ single here and don't forget to contribute generously! Those 100 people must be chosen on some kind of a sliding scale or who knows what. Keep checking Fake Flamingo for new singles - VBZ happens to be the label's third.

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