January 8, 2012

Run You

I typically take Sundays as my full on lounge day, but sometimes I hear a track that I just have to share, and there is no waiting. My pal Dre over at Gluttony Is The New Black posted this new banger from The-Drum on her Facebook earlier today. The second you press play you're greeted with a slow, warm build up. Nature samples tease from far into the background as a slow rolling percussion eventually gathers the courage to peak its head out. The slow paced vibe rules the song without ever getting dark, something that is seldom seen these days, and therefore even more appreciated. It's akin to listening to Spring wake up for the first time this year.

Stream: The-Drum - Run You

"Run You" comes from The-Drum's split with Sich Mang, available now via Bandcamp.

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