January 13, 2012

Solar Cell

Though their cassette has been sold out for ages with our pals at Digitalis, Giant Claw's last album Tunnel Mind remains (free) and it was one of my favorites from 2011. The band is led by Keith Rankin and cohorts, of Dayton, OH, and although I can't confirm that it has anything to do with Fred F. Sears' 1957 The Giant Claw (a genre defining film for King Kong/Godzilla style big birds attack cinema), the two things might appeal to at least some of the same "buffs". On Tunnel Mind, Rankin describes a less minimalist mental journey than on previous efforts, but structurally the deference to discursiveness remains; tracks unfold in unexpected ways and when there seems to be a larger narrative body emerging, it tends to be that of an upbeat mutant.

MP3: Giant Claw - Solar Cell
Grab Tunnel Mind for free from the band's bandcamp, where you can also explore their treasure trove of a mostly free back catalog. If you need a tape, their previous album is available from Orange Milk.

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  1. His new album "Clash of Moons" is coming very, very soon on Bridgetown..