January 27, 2012


In 2010 I found out about producer Uncle Skeleton (until recently of Nashville's Kindercastle) with relation to his label, Yewknee Records, who had released his debut the previous year and more recently been written up on Nashville Scene for being an early proponent of free digital releases to accompany limited edition physical ones. As solid as the label's own format has proven, it pales beside Uncle Skeleton's latest cuts, taken from his upcoming third album All Too Human. The new single, bundled with a remix, outtake, and b-side, demonstrate a strong progression for Uncle Skeleton since his 2009 debut Pancho Chumley. Although his older music was always catchy and engrossing, these songs feel better developed, like harder decisions were made during recording. Even the remix from Burgers, aka Nashville music photographer Steve Cross, does the original justice, taking Uncle Skeleton's breezy disco funk for a more disciplined workout.

Look for Uncle Skeleton's All Too Human 2xLP on Nashville's Yewknee Records this spring.

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