January 27, 2012

Sparkly (Matthewdavid's odyssey)

I'm never good at settling on just one show when someone asks "What's the best live show you saw last year?" I can, however, guarantee that Young Magic w/ Youth Lagoon would be considered more than once if asked now about the past year. I'm obsessed with tribal drone sounds & glitchy pop and I've not seen one band find a way to merge the two quite like Young Magic. Matthewdavid, a longtime master of the ethereal drones, recently got his hands on the You With Air 7"'s b-side, "Sparkly", and launched it into space with a microphone attached. As it exits Earth's atmosphere you immediately hear the track begin to warp and take new shape. You witness it pass through vast, unexplored cavernous lands on desolate rocks not fit to be called planets; the original Plutos. New lifeforms are encountered and met briefly with goodwill as the track continues its journey. It passes into new galaxies where everything is the same except painted in vivid new colors we can only imagine and then inverted. A final pop exists as the track reenters Earth's atmosphere to make it's cozy way home to your little hard drive.

MP3: Young Magic - Sparkly (Matthewdavid's odyssey)
Young Magic's debut LP, Melt, drops 2/12 via Carpark and can pre-ordered now via Insound.

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