January 2, 2012

Sup Girls In The '60s

If there's one thing I know for certain, it's that things are always more fun when you're doing them with other people. The folks at Hands In The Dark have teamed up with (already tag-team buddies) Atelier Ciseaux and La Station Radar to release a killer split tape with Cough Cool and Johnny Hawaii. It drops tomorrow and is only limited to 100 copies, so I'm sure it'll disappear pretty quickly. Cough Cool is hot off the release of Lately, an album that just barely missed my year end list, and the hits just keep coming. He leaves the a-side muddy, moody, distorted and outrageously beautiful. Johnny Hawaii lightens up the mood on the b-side, grooving in similar lo-fi textures, but adding a more tropical vibe that also seems to fit the name just right.

Cough Cool - Sup Girls In The '60s
Johnny Hawaii - The Lonely Smurfer
You can order the split tape now via the ever glorious Hands In The Dark.

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