January 4, 2012

Tape EP

On January 23 Metamono releases the Tape EP on 10" vinyl via HoHum Records. The EP was recorded entirely in analogue using home-made and found synths and modulators, as well as a theremin, a siren and a valve radio for woozy vibes that are just right. Like so many of the explorative soundscapes I seem to fall in love with, the works are improvised with no overdubbing or microphones. This is all according to their manifesto, and the trio believes that in doing so they are liberating and forcing the hand of their imaginations. It's an idea that not only seems sensible, but clearly works when applied. While there's some humor in the process, if you press play on the video above you can watch and hear a stream of the record playing through. It's just under twenty-minutes and well worth the entire listen.

The Tape EP drops January 23 via HoHum Records.

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