January 3, 2012

The Tiled House

On February 7 Kam Kama is dropping their debut EP, The Tiled House, via Sister Cylinder. It's a dark, post-punk doozy that clocks in at just under 14 minutes and thoroughly kicks ass the entire time. The album's subject matter ranges from too much sleep (it's a real thing) to "poltergeist co-habitation" (is it a real thing?) and seems to act as the groups home; thus it has a fitting title. The mixture of guitar and synth works perfectly for the five-piece; the nasally vocals are applied perfectly and to a sound we haven't heard them paired with over and over again; and the drum work is fantastic, belting out continuous rolling rhythms that fill the listener with an unsettled energy. Through and through it's a fantastic record, and I can only hope I get to hear it live next.

Kam Kama - Called Up
Kam Kama - The Living
Head over to bandcamp to stream the full album and pre-order the white vinyl 12", limited to only 300 copies.

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