January 27, 2012

'Till We Ghosts/The Dance

Petite Noir is assumedly one fellow from Cape Town, South Africa. He just sent over his new single from the upcoming So Many Animal Calls EP. I typically associate tropical posivibes with music from Cape Town, and while this track certainly resonates with a lot of the South African vibe, it's a lot more down-tempo and somber than one might expect. The track is actually two tracks merged together, and "The Dance" half that kicks in at 3.40 is a bit more what I expected, though the tribal drone aspects keep me curious to hear more.

MP3: Petite Noir - 'Till We Ghosts/The Dance
The So Many Animal Calls EP has no official release date yet, but we'll keep you posted. In the mean time you can pop on over to Soundcloud and delight in a few other tracks and remixes.

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