January 26, 2012

Video Premiere: Fruit Flesh - Cocaine

[video by Xander Robin]
My love for Florida was pretty well documented on ye olde GOTC, but it's time this blog got some of my sunshine spray. My favorite part of the Florida DIY music community is how much they always seem to be working together. Last Spring I went to an awesome three-day festival called Total Bummer in Tallahassee. Put on entirely by Florida's own Oh Fortuna and some close friends, the festival is host to bands from all over the continent; last year's lineup included acts like Born Gold (then Gobble Gobble), Reptar, Hear Hums, Rich Aucoin, Sumsun, Levek and tons more. Also in attendance last year was Jacob Tobin, aka Fruit Flesh. Jacob lives in Tallahassee and recently started the Werepossum Collective with some other Tally pals. (Sidenote: Tally Pals would be a great FL-based kids show.) The site just launched today and their first piece of art churned out together is this stellar video for the track "Cocaine". The video was shot by Xander Robin and features Tobin and fellow-Werepossum Ben Varian going around in animal masks doing extreme amounts of candy. Afterward they hit the town for a wild night out.

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