January 20, 2012

Video Premiere: Spakkiano - Macadam

Spakkiano is Federico from Bologna, a "red salty drummer" in his own words. He's circulating his first track, "Macadam", named for a method of road construction, with a home-cobbled video accompaniment that fits the music perfectly. Like this earnest, wide-eyed gentleman Federico found on archive.org in a film produced by British Government Public Information Films (presumably to aid people with the intermediate complexities of handling streets with cars), his spare percussion and synth arrangements gingerly move forward until they've hit the middle of the road and proceed to have a picnic. Not an overly ambitious picnic, though it still ends uncomfortably in the video.

MP3: Spakkiano - Macadam
Look for more from him we know not when, though there's some vague talk of a "red salty" single or EP.

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