January 17, 2012

Web Walk

A few months ago at Crash Symbols HQ, in our underground volcano/waterfall lair (currently on display in Kunstkammern all across Germany), we got to talking about how much we love "Web Walk", from Featureless Ghost's Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies EP, ultimately resolving to ensure that all future listeners would be subjected to no fewer than three different versions. According to Whitney Gould, aka Heart Island (also the command module for SPORTS), this is his him "reflecting on his robot self that used to be a man self", and really what more elaboration do you need. Insisting on recording his own vocals for the remix, Whitney brings the song's lyrics into greater focus, making for a far more intimate experience than the original. With their own remix, the band goes the opposite direction; taking a song that sounds best suited to accompanying cyborg calisthenics, picking up the pace and sucking out most of the bass.

Featureless Ghost - Web Walk (Heart Island Remix)
Featureless Ghost - Web Walk (Featureless Ghost's Same-As-Before Remix)
Download the entire Biologically-Sound Cyber-Bodies EP, along with the band and Gould's new remixes, here. Image courtesy of Fantastic Lands.

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