January 2, 2012

We're Not The Only Ones

Our Orthodox is primarily the folk/blues/garage project of Neal Harris, and all of the instruments are played by him and drummer Jens Kuross. The lack of other members works best for this kind of music, as it always seems to retain more emotion and soul with fewer hands dabbling among it. We Are Not The Only Ones is a prime example of this theory. Fuzzy vocals guide you woozily through delicately plucked guitars and furiously strummed guitars and heart-wrenching keys and dulled percussion that somehow hardens the blows. Every lyric uttered rings with meaning, sounding heartfelt in a way few folk artists seem to get these days.

MP3: Our Orthodox - We're Not The Only Ones
Pop on over to the Our Orthodox bandcamp to pick up We Are Not The Only Ones now.

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