January 13, 2012

Wild Cherry / Bona Dea

Brainshadows is the sexy new psych-pop project of Matt Lajoie (aka Herbcraft) and Dawn Aquarius (aka Oracle Offering); inspired by Phil Spector's echo-chamber pop, early no-wave & post-punk movements, and motorcycle exploitation films amongst other things. The duo are currently working on their second 7" and aim to release a few more singles before even considering an album. Let's not get ahead of ourselves though. Brainshadows' debut 7", "Wild Cherry" b/w "Ripe", dropped at the end of last November on Lajoie's own L'animaux Tryst label. Just under ten-minutes of dark synth bubbles beneath fuzzy vocals buried in transparent tribal percussion while enchanting guitar & bass notes bleed in and out of focus.

MP3: Brainshadows - Wild Cherry (AM Gold Edit)
You can pick up Brainshadows' Wild Cherry 7" now via L'animaux Tryst.

Brainshadows isn't the first instance of Matt Lajoie and Dawn Aquarius working together, however. Before Herbcraft and Oracle Offering there was Cursillistas. The project started in 2004 as a solo project for Lajoie. In 2008 Aquarius joined the project and the duo recorded the album Joint Chiefs (released on Digitalis). After touring the album extensively the two moved to different areas and were forced to split ways. Aquarius continued work on her Oracle Offering project while Lajoie started Herbcraft. L'animaux Tryst is set to release the final Cursillistas full-length on January 31, officially putting the project in the past as the duo move forward with work on their respective solo projects and Brainshadows. Observe Ember Weeks is mostly comprised of tracks that came before Aquarius joined the project, so Dawn only appears on a couple of tracks.

Cursillistas - Bona Dea (feat Dawn Aquarius)
Cursillistas - Bed of Weeds
Observe Ember Weeks is available for pre-order, with the release date slated for 1/31, also via L'animaux Tryst.

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