January 25, 2012

Words Of Love

Although it was released in August of last year, we just recently acquired and listened to our copy of Wavepool Abortion's tape, ЖЕРТВА АБОРТА (out on DZTapes). Despite their unsavory band name, and the fact that these dudes are not from Moscow, as they hilariously pretended to be (they're actually part of NYC's Darlings), the music itself is fully enjoyable. Dredged in fuzz and blissful filth, the album's fourteen short tracks pass by quickly and definitely bear repeating. My ears especially pricked up when I heard their cover of Buddy Holly's "Words Of Love" -- their version of his little ditty sounds like it was made using guitars filled with sand, and the deadpan singing of his sweet lyrics somehow works perfectly.

MP3: Wavepool Abortion - Words Of Love
You can download the whole damn thing for free right hair.

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