February 28, 2012

6 days left to fund Ad Hoc

Yesterday evening we hit our kickstarter goal of $4200 four days early, meaning Decoder Magazine is officially going to happen. So many thank yous go out to everyone who has contributed to the magazine, be it funding or the incredible content prepared for it. While this is great news, our friends at Ad Hoc, the phoenix from the ashes of Altered Zones, are still in desperate need of a push to fully fund the site and magazine. We have six days to raise $11000, and while that's undoubtedly tough, I don't think it's impossible. Yesterday Ric & Emilie posted a set on Soundcloud of some of their favorite jams lately, including several exclusive tracks that appear on the Ad Hoc compilation. While you're rocking this playlist, pop on over here to learn more about Ad Hoc and how you can contribute, and peep a write-up for each track from the editors over here.

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