February 17, 2012

Allergic to Jerks

Boston's Cameron Potter, aka Little Spoon, spins slow motion bedroom pop that entrances the listener into dreamlike states. His new record, Allergic to Jerks, self-released officially today. It's a heart-wrenching and lucid introspective that seems to want the listener to come inside and keep their distance all at the once. On the track "Hurts Me Everytime" you immediately begin to feel his. Moments of fleeting hope even seem to be recreated. Subtle keys weave throughout the tracks, creating layers of emotion hidden behind sparse, minimal beats and haunting vocals. One genre listed on the bandcamp page is "dreamgaze," a perfect description of sounds Little Spoon creates.

Stream: Little Spoon - Allergic to Jerks
No Fear Of Pop also reports that we can expect a tape release of Allergic to Jerks from Kassette Klub in the near future.

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