February 1, 2012

Bay Area Milka

Nem270 is producer Nemanja Gostimirovic - a Bosnian by birth, he now lives in Ottawa - known for his prolific output, subverted to the causes of a laundry list of rappers that includes among many others Lil B, Main Attrakionz, Shady Blaze, Yarrow Slaps, and Western Tink. Fresh from producing Shady Blaze's album Blessed or Cursed, he opened up his backlog of beats too unconventional or irregular for hip hop to UUU Tapes, giving them free reign to curate a new anthology. Desktop Pain is the result, inaugurating the label's new series Digital You, a collection of digital releases too time sensitive to delay with the larger constellation of logistics sometimes necessitated by a physical format - although I will say I wish we could have this one on tape!

Stream/Download: Nemo270 - Bay Area Milka
Although the UUU bandcamp is currently charging $500 for Desktop Pain, scroll down a bit here and you'll find a mediafire link. Godspeed!

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