February 10, 2012

DESTINY. altered

For almost a little over a week now I've been borderline obsessed with Deniro Farar's DESTINY. altered. One glance at my current last.fm plays will show well over 100 plays in the past week for his dark, often brooding rap tracks. Perhaps the fact that he is from NC (Charlotte area) plays in to my love for his music; but it's just as likely that it's his methodical break down of subjects in his flow, keeping things slowed down while he spills his entire mind on whatever the subject. His words feel real. Deniro isn't the only thing putting the tape over, however. Half the tracks were produced by personal favorite Ryan Hemsworth or fellow-NC resident and newcomer Storm Watkins; with a few appearances from the likes of Silky Johnson, Blue Sky Black Death, Nem270 and more. With such a killer cast of producers it becomes no wonder that Shady Blaze is featured rapping on several tracks throughout the album, having released his own Rappers Ain't Shit Without A Producer last year. It's great hearing Shady's fast paced flow match Deniro's more subtle, laid back vibes. Farrar has managed to create an album with stellar tracks and enough diversity to never let the listener become bored, making this one an early frontrunner for my favorite records of 2012.

Deniro Farrar - No First Night Sex :( (prod. Storm Watkins)
Deniro Farrar - NWO ft. Shady Blaze (prod. Nem270)
Deniro Farrar - No Games (prod. Ryan Hemsworth)
Pop on over to bandcamp to grab the entirety of DESTINY. altered on a pay-what-you-want scale.

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