February 24, 2012

Eleven Twenty

Luka Cage, aka Caves, just dropped his album When You Were Partying, I Was Dying. a few days ago via digital imprint Absent Fever, and it's definitely some of the best music I've heard this year. Perfectly produced beats and smooth, creamy vocals team up to take you on a delicious auditory journey through the four distinct tracks that make up the EP. The intro track "Eleven Twenty" starts out slowly, horns and a soft beat building for a few seconds before the jam kicks the door in and suddenly you're dancing like a fool while Luka croons "I've been waiting too long, too long, too long". "Final Decision" and "310" are softer, less upbeat tracks with beautiful ambient backdrops that serve his vocals well. The last song, "1993", brings the sweet beats back with a darker, bluesy twist that sounds like The Black Keys decided to make a party track. These songs about longing and need have been crafted into perfect pop gems; each one fitting snugly into an interior void.

MP3: Caves - Eleven Twenty
You can download the EP for free from Absent Fever here!

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