February 15, 2012

Interview: Teen River

In a recent profile for Impose Magazine, the site's managing editor described Teen River's recent activities thusly: "Chicago label Teen River pleads insanity, releases another 20 tapes at once" (Source: Impose). With these guys it's not a question of how much insanity, but why anyone would want to be so insane on such a regular basis. In a recent email exchange, with both Gordon and Katrina Stonehart at various times (changing unbeknownst to us), we managed to elicit a few words about the band's crawling proclevities, a repetition of their twin credos "CHOMP WOMP R.I.P" and "GROW UNTIL YOU DIE", and a pretty killer mixtape. Check it out after the jump.

1. What is a Teen River and from whence does it flow?

Teen River is a Chicago based Hyper Label operated by Gordon + Katrina Stonehart.

2. Hyper label seems like the right characterization - what's the source of your recent wellspring? Releasing tapes in batches as large as yours would probably be tough for most folks.

I guess you're asking 'why are you doing this?' Having crawled countless times across the lower 48 consuming vast amounts of music from friends and unknowns while living out of vans, in dingy basements and inside blanket fortresses I've came to realize that this is my reality.

3. So have you created your reality or has it been... more actively communicated to you?


4. Thoughts on blanket fortresses?


5. Roughly how big?

A chicken-size dinosaur with a taste for termites was the "anteater" of its day and has frequently been documented in history by eyewitness celebrities such as Marco Polo and Alexander the Great.

6. Do you think Alexander the Great or Hannibal was the better general?

Colonel Sanders & Alexander the Great.

7. Fried chicken or Native Americans?

Chicken Fingers are SOLD OUT.

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