February 11, 2012

How Can I Sleep With These Voices In My Head?

The title of Edward Sol's new cassette, recently out from Sangoplasmo, asks the question "How can I sleep with these voices in my head?", but I can hardly imagine anything more tranquilizing than the recordings it contains: "the sounds of thousandsof frogs in Lychanka village, Ukraine. . . no edits, no layering at all, just pure field recording". Admittedly, if you've ever found the sound of a few frogs irritating, you're probably not going to think that a few thousand sound any better, but if you have to studiously ignore freeway noises in order to sleep every night you may more immediately appreciate the appeal. The vibes get quickly more "psychedelic" as the incredible variety of the qualities and tones of frog voice become discernible, carrying the brain away in a maze of almost-melodies.
Purchase How Can I Sleep With These Voices In My Head from Sangoplasmo.

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