February 24, 2012

Lonesome Cowboy Bill

[Photo by Cat Stevens]
What's amazing about MV&EE is how their sounds range so widely, from the smokiest East Coast head jams to the most transcendent Far East sonic mind paintings, yet they always manage to stay in character. This really comes through on their live recordings, of which there are many, because the vibe of the room and the ever-changing cast of characters on stage and the infinite uniqueness of any given moment conspire to send the music into places that feel altogether unknown and familiar. The Vermont-based duo of space farmers are fixing to release their limited-edition 2010 April Flower Tour Box in digital form on February 28, and pre-orders are available now at Midheaven. You can also pick up CDRs of any individual show from the tour, and many others by emailing MV directly at thebummerroad [at] gmail [dot] com.

MP3: MV & EE with Mick Flower - Lonesome Cowboy Bill (Live @ Mystery Train 4.11.11)

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