February 14, 2012

Perch Verdad

Cliff Dweller is LA based multimedia artist Ari Balouzian & Co., blending his classical training as a violinst with a repertoire of self-mastered instruments, an accompanying pocket orchestra, and his highly organic style of mixed analog and digital production into highly idiosyncratic, textural electronica. Highly capable instrumentation lends his latest, the Perch Verdad EP from our friends at Rebel Magazine's music imprint, an incredibly refined flare - particularly the accordion heavy "Mud Doctor" and the pairing of some simple string arrangements and piano on the title track "Perch Verdad". Given Ricky Eat Acid's own recent experimentation with ambient music, his remix of "Perch Verdad" seems less like a picture of restraint for leaving much of the track's tone and flow intact and more the perfect complement, tactfully ending the EP on an only a little bit brighter note.

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