February 17, 2012

Photo Diary: Tycho & Beacon Winter Tour 2012

Two weeks ago I went on road with Tycho and Beacon for the last leg of their East Coast Tour. Starting in Carrboro, NC at the Cat's Cradle, we made our way up to New York with stops in Washington D.C. and Philadelphia. The first night in Carrboro was a nice blur of dancing and the company of friends.

[Tycho @ Cat's Cradle]
Catch more photos from the tour as well more about my trip after the jump.

[Tycho performing "Elegy" at Cat's Cradle & Soap Box; filmed by Adam Graetz]
Tycho @ Cat's Cradle
The next day we drove to DC and I recovered from the night before by napping in the backseat while everyone else played Scramble With Friends (a game phenomenon I was not yet familiar with). We reached Rock N Roll Hotel and I spent soundcheck outside, freezing my ass off, talking to the door guy about North Carolina's fast food. He got really worked up about Cook Out and Sonic. The room at R & R was packed with a sweaty mess of people due to the air conditioning being turned off. There was a great energy despite the heat and both Beacon's and Tycho's sets were great as usual. After the show we went to the Holiday Inn and joined Jakub (Tycho's manager & Heathered Pearls) who was eating Fritos alone in the jacuzzi.

Tycho @ Rock N Roll Hotel
The next afternoon we drove to Philadelphia where Tycho and Beacon played a show at The Rotunda (formerly a church). The projections were shown on an incredible two story wall that night. Most of the crowd consisted of UPenn students, and the group who had set up the show were all avid Ghostly enthusiasts. After the show we drove through the night to New York, enduring backed up traffic along the Jersey Turnpike, despite it being around three in the morning.

Beacon @ The Rotunda
Tycho @ The Rotunda
We made it to Brooklyn around 5 AM and passed out only to wake up a few hours later to get ready for the last show at Music Hall of Williamsburg. The Music Hall show was incredibly packed and a large portion of the Ghostly family was there; including appearances by Matthew Dear, Jeff Owens, and Sam Valenti. Beacon's performance that night was accompanied by their visuals which included 2nd Life softcore porn-like anime women and decimated, solarized Justin Bieber footage. Oneohtrix Point Never was also on the bill and played an electronic drone set that seemed to interest the audience as much as it confused them. Tycho's set completely filled the space and the entire crowd seemed to sway through the whole set. Afterward everyone celebrated a great tour, and I sulked on a couch for a bit realizing I wouldn't be in the presence of such great music and amazing talent on a daily basis for a while. Thank you to the wonderful guys in Beacon and Tycho for putting up with me and continually beating me at Scramble with no remorse. There will be more photos to come about these guys from SXSW and the rest of the year!

Beacon @ Music Hall of Williamsburg
Tycho @ Music Hall of Williamsburg

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