February 6, 2012

Premiere: Digital Leather - The Man With No Emotion

For those most recently introduced to Shawn Foree's recordings as Digital Leather by his tape Sponge, that we released last year on Crash Symbols, his new album Modern Problems will represent a significant expansion of that sound, though elements of it certainly prevailed on past releases in his massive backlog. This is synth punk as only Foree can make it. The album is more explicitly personal, as well. Foree says:
Modern Problems is a narrative of the grieving process. I wanted to explore that universal experience with real ambition, so I created a kind of alter ego to relate the story of a loss, which is where the record starts- when the protagonist has lost a loved one and is in denial. He battles with despair and anger, vainly seeks hope.
In spite of that, Modern Problems is mostly upbeat. Foree's seriousness is never burdensome and he rarely languishes, though in "The Man With No Emotion" listeners are treated to a parade of unpleasantness - "Puppies dying / kittens dying / chilren crying / mothers lying...". Dropped into all of that, Foree is the man with no emotion, gladly unmoved, demanding to be seen, though in the song's last moments he says more quietly, while the music stops, "don't look at me''.

MP3: Digital Leather - The Man With No Emotion
Although the first pressing of Shawn's new album Modern Problems sold out quickly, FDH Records is currently repressing it and you can preorder the new edition here. Incidentally, Shawn painted the above toilet himself.

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