February 7, 2012

Premiere: Hear Hums - Toad Licking

The latest I've heard from Hear Hums - the duo happens to have a stunning new album under wraps, waiting for y'all - is currently earmarked for the next compilation of sounds from Sample Based Life, the brainchild of Forrest Reiff, aka, Off Balance Atlas, who conceived of giving musicians the opportunity to compose songs based purely on samples collected from sound "vaults" curated by another selected artist. The first Sampled Based Life was curated by Reiff, but the second set of samples - which we first covered here - was assembled by Judson Rogers of Sumsun and can be viewed here: Vault #1 and Vault #2. Although such a tailored process could be limiting for bands like Hear Hums whose own music tends to sound intuitive, Rogers is equally idiosyncratic and the contents of his "vaults" synced up nicely enough for the two of them to work their characteristic magic.

MP3: Hear Hums - Toad Licking
Look for "Toad Licking" on the upcoming second volume of Sample Based Life.

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