February 6, 2012

Premiere: Noah Wall - Music For Wine Glasses, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica & Looper

Following Noah Wall's extensive 2011 exploits, including a sold out cassette with us on Crash Symbols (though he's got some last copies here), a celebrated scavenger hunt to find them, and an unpolished set of songs from a youthful him, he's unveiled a new eleven minute acoustic composition with a charmingly informative graphical accompaniment, sporting a sheepish him in the background. Despite my own sense of Noah's witty artifice in his compositions, the awkward progress these recordings follow feels more like a new creative complexity... a well developed, intuitive approach to this particular orchestra. Having said that, the piece was made expressly for performance at Diamond Mouth Surprise and with the logistics of that in mind, so unfortunately we may never have so much access to its nuances as attendants did at the January 14th performance.

Stream/Download: Noah Wall - Music for Wine Glasses, Guitar, Percussion, Harmonica & Looper


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