February 11, 2012

Progress In Retrograde

To offer some perspective on our editorial process and in the interest of full disclosure, I pretty much feel morally obligated to write about anyone who might write to us saying that their "biggest inspiration in making [music] has been audio recordings of rides at Disney World". It also doesn't hurt to have the opening track on the album you send us sample anything that sounds like a Star Trek transporter beam noise, even if the resemblance is just uncannily close. Kittinfish Mounain, aka Trevor Thornton, with his latest album Progress In Retrograde, is such a one. Epcot references aren't just restricted to the music, as in track #9, "Epcotbrasilia"; you'll also recognize the eponymous structure on the cover art. Even the "brasilia" element comes through in the song's relaxed flute samples and echoing chants. Just as the track titles contain an eclectic range of geographical and cultural references, the album is remarkably varied - understandable considering Thornton says the album took five years to record.

Stream/Download: Kittinfish Mountain - Progress In Retrograde

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