February 26, 2012

Right Now/Mars Castle

I've been sitting on Lillerne Tapes' Sky Stadium/Potions split for way too long; a holdover from a pile of unfinished jobs my wife and I left before visiting family in January. Released late in 2011, it came at the end of a healthy string of releases that year for Sky Stadium (on Bridgetown and Goldtimers, to name only two) and an equal output from Potions on his home label Pretty All Right Records, appropriately enough. On this particular outing, Sky Stadium's ambient synths provide a gentler contrast to the more beat driven tracks on Potions' side, but the pairing remains particularly strong through the emphasis on synth work.

There are only a handful of copies of the split left, but you can still grab one here. Below, stream "Right Now" and "Mars Castle" from the Sky Stadium and Potions sides, respectively.

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