February 13, 2012

River Coma

Once more my eyes are turned to Florida. Last year I had the extreme pleasure of attending the second annual Total Bummer Fest in Tallahassee, FL. Put on entirely by Spirit Cat (those wild and crazy kids from Oh Fortuna and all their friends), it was the three most fun days I had last year. This year's Total Bummmer will also see Tiny Waves leaping into the co-driver's seat as this analogy goes totally awry! This is the first announcement for this year's festival, but we are told that seventy-five bands are included in the line-up, the festival will take place Cinco De Mayo weekend and the whole shindig is gonna be in 3D! The best part of that news is the new found distance from SXSW, making sure your pockets have just been relined before you hit the road again. But hey, wouldn't it be cool if we even had some cool new music from some of these homies!? Well fret not my friends, we do. AIRCRAFT is the duo of James Folker and Malee Bringardner, both of whom also play in Oh Fortuna. They recently sent over this stunning new track, "River Coma". The track is currently listed on bandcamp with two others under the label Jeff Bridges Over Troubled Water (abridged), so we're remaining hopeful that this is the start to a beautiful new record.

MP3: AIRCRAFT - River Coma
Head over to bandcamp to snag the other two tracks and delight with us!

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