February 22, 2012


Erik Gage, founder of Portland label Gnar Tapes & Shit and member of White Fang, has also recently taken on another moniker, Free Weed. While one might characterize the music of Free Weed as "bong pop" or "spliff riffs", let's be serious for a second. It's actually really good, straightforward rock with a strong backbone of electronic beats; Erik's deadpan vocals work perfectly within psych-rock guitar licks to keep every track on the new album, Beer On The Drugs, sounding as fresh as some seriously dank nugs. Check out the opening track, "Sci-Fi", below, and excitedly prepare yourself for the cassette's release this spring, via the always illustrious Beer On The Rug.

You can stream & purchase the whole album here. Physical tapes soon!

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