February 9, 2012

She's No Good

English rock duo Feel Right (Joe Logan and Nick Ainsworth) were born on the same day in 1983, in different hospitals in the area. Maybe that's why their take on lo-fi rock seems so tightly knit and well formed -- their sophomore release, North West, (out now on Ice Capades) is fourteen tracks long, each song a perfectly succinct bite of jangly, deeply fuzzy pop-rock. Their band name is also totally appropriate, because there's no way you can feel bad while listening to the music. Check out "She's No Good", an uptempo track that's charged with grungy 60s vibes, a non-stop drumbeat, and steady guitar riffs that'll get you moving before you even realize it.

MP3: Feel Right - She's No Good
You can stream & purchase the whole album at the Ice Capades bandcamp, and apparently a limited-edition vinyl version is on its way as well.

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