February 11, 2012

Static Gravity

Early today 20JazzFunkGreats let slip the good news that Matt Werth, head of New York based label RVNG Intl., had just curated a mix for the site... and it's a doozy:
“I’ve finally (finally) compiled a mix tape for 20JFG. And it is a mixtape in the most literal sense of the word. From my Technics 1200 to my Nakamichi deck to Audacity (for the digital transfer, of course) to you. So, no crossfades or beat matching, but plenty of strange cassette malfunction. It’s called Static Gravity for the Chrome track that starts the mix. Hope you find something you like in it.”
Beyond that, all Werth reveals is that it opens with Chrome's "Static Caravan", but I suspect from that description and even the very presence of a Chrome track you can imagine all the feedback, idiosyncratic pop, and fractured beats you'll find on this one. Download his Static Gravity Mix here.

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